We in the Bytecoin community have always appreciated your willingness to let people trade BCN in your closed market. After all, liquidity is important for any currency. Unfortunately for us, your own private network effect has grown such that Poloniex is almost the defacto trading partner people select. While we can fix this situation over time, short-term this gives you a lot of power over our economy – and we’re asking you kindly to stop wielding it in such regressive ways.

We expect that a corporate entity like yourself should be hiring people to regularly check for updates to wallet software's. We’ve noticed that BCN suffers an abnormal number of outages on the exchange, and given the above statement, this can amount to a freeze in our economy

We would love for you to continue listing BCN, but only if you are going to treat it with respect. Deposits and withdrawals should be available except when the software is being updated. We represent nearly half a million dollars in value on your exchange, and all we are asking is that we have continued good access to it. Otherwise, it would be preferable that you demand all Bytecoin holders withdraw funds immediately and simply delist the coin. While this is not the outcome we would like to see, we would prefer to have to find our way to other exchanges than to continue to contribute to a consolidating choke point in our persistently decentralized system.

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